Formulated for use in removing oxides and smut films from aluminum and aluminum alloys; depending on the type of alkaline cleaner used in the cleaning cycle.

Salts compounded for use in removing oxides and smut films from aluminum and aluminum alloys depending on the type of alkaline cleaner used in the cleaning cycle. No nitric acid fumes or chromium salts present. A very uniform etch is produced on the surface leaving it free of oxides and smut, such that it can be anodized, chromated, spot-welded, electroplated or painted.

Formulated as a highly alkaline etchant for aluminum and its alloys. Norsal AES salts may be used wherever an etch type cleaner is needed. The etch salts formulation is specific where it is desired to maintain a constant, uniform etching rate.

A formulated powder mixture for use in the pickling step of cleaning cycles for aluminum and aluminum alloys. The Norsal APS salts are used in combination with nitric acid for removal of smuts developed on high silicon type aluminum alloys, whether sand or machine cast.

Is a unique blend of mild alkaline, non-caustic materials containing emulsifiers, dispersing agents, and surfactants for soak cleaning aluminum and its alloys without etching.

The Nordac 110 does not contain caustic soda, not the usual additions of silicated compounds as inhibitors to provide non-etching of the aluminum surfaces during the cleaning procedure. In addition, the cleaner is biodegradable.

Nordac 110 eliminated the difficulty of rinsing the cleaned aluminum surfaces usually associated with the silicate-bearing cleaners, facilitating subsequent treatments such as anodizing, chromating, or welding.

Is a carefully balanced blend of emulsifiers, dispersing agents, and surfactants with proper inhibition to eliminate etching in the soak cleaning of aluminum and its alloys.

Is an alkaline material blended in such a formulation as to produce a fine uniform etching and cleaning action on the surface of the aluminum metal and its alloys.

The Nordac 7-AE contains sequestrants to prevent the formation of the metallic hydroxides and hard water precipitates. The easy and thorough rinsing of the residues which remain on the surface of the aluminum is thereby facilitated.

Is a combination of dry acid salts, which when dissolved in water, replaces conventionally used liquid acids in the desmutting of aluminum surface. The use of Nordac ALDS eliminates the hazards involved in shipping, storing, handling and mixing liquid acids. The Nordac ALDS formulation does not contain any chromate salt additive.

Is formulated for use in the sealing of anodized aluminum surfaces. Due to the porous structure obtained in commercial acid anodizing, sealing is required. Chromic acid and phosphoric acid processed surfaces do not require sealing. Oxalic acid anodizing processes may or may not be sealed.

The use of Norlok 2698 solution for sealing anodized and dyed aluminum surfaces prevents leaching out of the dye in the hot solution before the pores are completely closed. In addition, the Norlok 2698 is so formulated as to minimize the tendency for smut to deposit on the surface of the work.

A formulated powder for use as a single dip chromate passivating treatment over aluminum surfaces, producing a yellow iridescent chromate conversion coating. Coating will absorb water-soluble organic dyes.

A formulated product of chromic acid powder blended with catalysts for producing protective chromate films on aluminum alloys. Provides coatings yellow to brown in color, which can be dyed or bleached clear.

A conversion coating that is formed, provides a clear to yellow iridescent or brown color film which can be used as a final finish for maximum protection against corrosion of the aluminum surface. The coating can be used as a base for adhesives, rubber, vinyl and other bondings.

Nordicote ACI-16 can be applied by immersion, spraying, and by brushing if desired.

A liquid formulation to produce yellow, corrosion resistant chromate coating on aluminum and its alloys. The conversion coating produced is very heavy and has good adhesion even when wet. The ACI-92 process does not contain any cyanide compounds.

The Norkote ACI-92 process is very economical and is available in a dry powder form. No additional acid is required during initial make-up.

A formulated powder blend containing salts of chromium and other inorganic compounds to produce light to dark-yellow-brown coating on aluminum and aluminum-zinc alloy surfaces. The formulation does not contain any cyanide compound.

A liquid blend of activating salts, which will chemically activate the surface of aluminum to ensure that subsequent electroplated coatings will be strongly adherent.

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