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A liquid addition agent for use in chromium plating solutions for minimizing the tendency of mist formation. The Norlyte CFS will not effect in any manner the catalyst radical, or radicals, in mixed catalyst type bath. Will not cause pitting in thick deposits as used in hard chromium applications.

A very economic high-speed industrial chrome plating bath of low concentration and high tolerance to metallic contamination. The solution can be operated over a wide range of conditions. Drag-out losses are minimized due to its low concentration. Deposits of hardness in excess of 1,000 v.p.n are maintained and the electrolyte is less corrosive than other proprietary baths. Uniform deposits at high speed, with less nodularity and better metal distribution at significantly lower cost can be obtained through the use of this process.

Is a proprietary mixture of chromic acid blended with specific catalysts to produce an effective activation action on nickel plated and stainless steel surfaces providing exceptional throwing power. The chromium deposit is micro-cracked and is highly suitable for plating bright chromium layer over bright nickel.