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A new chloride based zinc-nickel plating system gives 10-18% nickel in the deposit. The deposit is bright with high ductility and meets the new automotive standards for high nickel content. The process uses a mixed salt bath comprising of sodium or potassium chloride and ammonium chloride.  Its salt concentration is low so the plating solution remains clear at ambient temperatures.  The process is economical and simple to maintain and can be applied in both barrel and rack applications.

A two-part system, which allows simple control of both the alloy composition and brightener, levels in an alkaline zinc-cobalt alloy bath. The deposit is bright over a wide current density range. The deposit readily accepts black and other conventional chromate coating for additional corrosion protection.


A two-part system zinc-iron alloy process, which features easy maintenance. The alloy deposit is bright over a wide current density range. The deposit responds to clear, iridescent, and black chromate conversion coatings. Standard salt spray tests have shown that the iridescent and silver-free black chromates offer more than 300 hours resistance before the appearance of white products of corrosion. The deposit itself will afford an additional 400-700 hours of protection against red rust.

A mildly acidic (pH 5.0 – 6.0) two-part zinc-cobalt system which utilizes a chloride based electrolyte. The deposit is bright, ductile, and highly leveled and contains 0.5 – 0.8% cobalt. The deposit readily accepts chromate conversion coatings for additional corrosion protection.

A two-part system which provides a zinc-nickel deposit (10 –14% nickel) from a virtually neutral electrolyte in either barrel or rack applications. The deposit is bright and ductile over a current density range of 1 – 95 ASF. In combination with the appropriate Aldoa chromate, the deposit can protect steel surfaces against red rust for more than 2000 hours in standard salt spray testing.

Novalyte AZN is an alkaline non-cyanide zinc-nickel alloy plating process, which gives 10 – 14% Nickel in the alloy deposit. The deposit has a superior corrosion protection compared with the alloy deposits with only 4 – 7% nickel.

Novalyte AZN process is simple to maintain because it has only two additives in addition to the nickel complex. The deposit out of the bath is bright, which can easily accept different types of post-treatments.